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Our industry leading products contain only naturally occurring and pet friendly ingredients.

How it Works

Positively Green takes the guesswork out of having the best lawn on the street.

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Each member of our team are professionally trained and experienced specialised greenkeepers.


About Us

Every Positively Green lawn health plan is based on YOUR soil, climate, and lawn.

Our Mission

Experienced lawn keepers and quality products guarantee to see beautiful results.

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See our FAQs section or post a question to one of our Positively Green lawn experts.


Our experts answer some of your most popular home lawn questions.

Our Green Blog

Find trusted seasonal tips, help and positive advice in our news and blog section.

Why are some blokes obsessed with their lawns?

Lawn addiction is not a new phenomenon.

Although traditionally it has been heavily regarded as the man’s job around the house, it has culturally progressed into an object of pride and presentation for the whole family (especially when it is in tip-top condition).

It goes without saying that this sense of hard work and status triggers many blokes’ competitive nature, but it also brings a lot of benefits such as connecting with the outdoors and community, understanding your environment, and taking pride in your surroundings.

Where before you only had your fellow neighbour’s lawn to compete with, nowadays social media has enhanced this even further as it has given us a platform to have a wider audience, get more feedback and to access support or information from other lawn fanatics online.

It goes without saying that lawns continue to be markers of success, but WA’s harsh summer temperatures and continuous sunshine brings us the perfect amount of challenge to keep us engaged and motivated.

But if you want the perfect lawn that makes your neighbours Positively Green with envy without the effort, just Get In Touch with us and we can take care of everything.


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