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Our industry leading products contain only naturally occurring and pet friendly ingredients.

Positively Green takes the guesswork out of having the best lawn on the street.

Each member of our team are professionally trained and experienced specialised greenkeepers



Every Positively Green lawn health plan is based on YOUR soil, climate, and lawn.

Experienced lawn keepers and quality products guarantee to see beautiful results.

Our experts answer some of your most popular home lawn questions.

See our FAQs section or post a question to on of our Positively Green lawn experts.

Find trusted seasonal tips, help and positive advice in our news and blog section.

How it works.


Take out the Guesswork


If you want stadium quality turf at home, you’re in the right place. We take a step-by-step look at how to enjoy an enthusiast lawn, without any of the hard work.

quality lawn grass turf at home


If you have any other questions about how it works, or how
we can help, check out our FAQs or get in touch with us.

personalised report
lawn testing
greenkeeper visits
lush and green lawn
mow and water lawn maintenance
enjoy top quality lawn in Perth


Start out by choosing the lawn health plan that suits your budget and let us do the work. Or we can come out and consult with you on your current lawn status by conducting testing on your lawn and providing you with a lawn health plan that we recommend as detailed below. If you then choose to sign on to a package the cost of that consultation will be taken out of your initial package charge. We also offer all our packages service on a one-off, single fee basis.

Let's Get Going


Customised Service

Every Positively Green lawn health plan is based on YOUR soil, climate, and lawn. All lawn health plans start with one of our friendly staff coming out to gather site specific data on your soil health and current lawn status using patented POGO sensing technology. With data on soil moisture, compaction, electrical conductivity, organic matter content (thatch), salinity, and both surface and soil temperature, we tailor a nutrition and renovation plan to suit your lawn. Don’t worry about taking notes, we will provide you with a personalised lawn health report after our initial visit.


Our team will then come out and start by renovating the area, if needed, so you have the perfect base on which to build the perfect lawn. If this initial renovation is required, it is not included in the price of the packages. We will then come back at regular intervals throughout  he year to keep your lawn and soil in the best possible condition.

Expert Delivery


Consider our lawn health specialist, YOUR lawn health specialist. They are your personal go-to for all lawn-related concerns or queries. Apart from seeing them at regular intervals when they stop by for the service, if you feel like your lawn needs a little extra TLC, your lawn health specialist is there for you to share their expertise and offer solutions between scheduled visits. 

Between Times


We look after the science - you look after the ongoing maintenance.


Regular lawn mowing and watering is the not-so-secret  ingredient to keeping your lawn looking its best.


But you’re not alone there, either. You can rely on your lawn health specialist to give you a site- specific maintenance plan, and we can also assist you with mowing through one of our affiliated, highly professional mowing companies so you can be confident that your lawn has everything it needs to make your neighbours Positively Green with envy.

Watering & Mowing


With non-scheduled (exempt from poison scheduling), bio-stimulant and microbial activated ingredients, Positively Green lawns are made for people, pets, and the planet.

Lush & Green

Positively Green takes the guesswork out of having the best lawn on the street. If you want stadium quality turf at home, you’re in the right place. Simply leave it in the capable hands of our experienced professionals and be the envy of your neighbourhood.

382 Victoria Rd, Malaga WA 6090

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