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Our industry leading products contain only naturally occurring and pet friendly ingredients.

Positively Green takes the guesswork out of having the best lawn on the street.

Each member of our team are professionally trained and experienced specialised greenkeepers



Every Positively Green lawn health plan is based on YOUR soil, climate, and lawn.

Experienced lawn keepers and quality products guarantee to see beautiful results.

Our experts answer some of your most popular home lawn questions.

See our FAQs section or post a question to on of our Positively Green lawn experts.

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What types of grass does Positively Green work with?

Our lawn health plans are designed to serve just about all grass varieties and blends. This includes lawns which have multiple grass types. Every sort of grass needs high quality products to look their best, and that is exactly what we provide.

Does Positively Green offer mowing services?

Generally, Positively Green looks after your lawn health while you look after the ongoing mowing and watering needs. However, if you want a one-stop shop this can be arranged through Positively Green, using one of our affiliated, highly profession mowing services. Your lawn health specialist will also offer you best practice mowing and watering advice to maintain your lawn in pristine condition.

Do Positively Green’s lawn health plans replace my normal upkeep program?

Yes! Our service does function as a replacement for your normal ongoing plan. The products we use are designed to give your lawn the nutrients it needs right when it needs them, all while promoting long term lawn and soil health. We also use a wetting agent that helps water soak into the soil, which in turn means you need to use less water for the same effect.

Does Positively Green use Glyphosate or any other dangerous chemicals in weed control?

We do not include any dangerous chemicals in weed control in any of our products. Positively Green predominantly uses pre-emergent products that are exempt from poison scheduling. This proactive approach to weed control provides the ultimate sustainability measure as it is a one-spray, 6-month control and has a zero percent chance of affecting waterways and users of the surfaces. This product is also watered in so it is immediately below the canopy post-application so there is no chance of contact with shoes, paws, or toys. As the name suggests, pre-emergent products are a proactive approach to weed control by preventing the germination of weed seeds, as opposed to post-emergent products that kill the weed plant after it has grown. All chemical product development of our ingredients is targeted to public-use turf areas and as such are no risk to health. Our base-level Warrior package does use a post-emergent herbicide, which is very safe and is used on most parks and sports fields in WA.

What products do you offer in addition to your lawn health packages?

In addition to our Lawn Health Plans, we offer several one-off services to help you care for individual needs of your lawn. To view all our one-off services, click here.

How much is it going to cost me?

That depends on the plan you choose, but we use our buying power to provide the ingredients much cheaper than you could get them at a retail store, and most are not even available domestically. Plus, we use our professional equipment and staff, which maximises efficiency. This means that we can provide our service at a much lower cost than you might expect. See our plans here, enter how big your lawn is, and we will instantly let you know how much it costs for each of our packages.

Our experts are on-hand and happy to help and advise on a wide range of your domestic lawn issues and requirements.

Positively Green's sister company Turfcare WA have cared for council, university, sporting clubs and school lawns for over 40 years and is now the leading turf management company in the state.

We have access to the best lawn ingredients and renovation equipment that are mostly unavailable to the domestic market. We combine that with professional and qualified turf managers who take care of the science behind providing the best lawn health.


Our experts are available to advise on best practices, services, when treatments should be applied and activities should take place. Available between services for any over-the-phone advice you may need, and are happy to deal with any issues you may have.

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Positively Green takes the guesswork out of having the best lawn on the street. If you want stadium quality turf at home, you’re in the right place. Simply leave it in the capable hands of our experienced professionals and be the envy of your neighbourhood.

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