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Our industry leading products contain only naturally occurring and pet friendly ingredients.

How it Works

Positively Green takes the guesswork out of having the best lawn on the street.

Our People

Each member of our team are professionally trained and experienced specialised greenkeepers.


About Us

Every Positively Green lawn health plan is based on YOUR soil, climate, and lawn.

Our Mission

Experienced lawn keepers and quality products guarantee to see beautiful results.

Ask An Expert

See our FAQs section or post a question to one of our Positively Green lawn experts.


Our experts answer some of your most popular home lawn questions.

Our Green Blog

Find trusted seasonal tips, help and positive advice in our news and blog section.

All about us.


Our Mission.


Positively Green’s mission is to bring stadium quality turf to the lawns of the suburbs, and keep them in that condition all year round. We aim to provide clients with the best lawn on their street using environmentally friendly products and the expertise of highly skilled professionals

A Stadium
Grade Lawn.


stadium grade lawn turf gress at home

Michael understands how good a lawn can be with the right products and advice and wants you to enjoy the best there is.


Since the 1980s, Michael's first company, Turfcare WA, has grown from those humble beginnings, and under Mike’s leadership is now the leading turf management company in the state. It looks after the turf care needs of local councils, UWA, private and public schools, golf courses and a multitude of sporting clubs.


Mike now brings this experience and knowledge to the domestic market with Positively Green. Why shouldn’t your lawn be as good as those in the best sports stadiums in the world?

Michael Maartensz has been dedicated to lawn health his whole life, starting out at his dad’s knee looking after the pristine playing surface of Dalkeith Tennis Club.

The guys at Positively Green provided an excellent turnaround for my lawn. After years fighting a losing battle with my lawn, they stepped in and gave it a new lease of life. Now with very little upkeep, we can say we have the best lawn.

Russell E.  |  Floreat

Positively Green brings the products, technology and knowledge used in the sports turf industry to the suburbs.


With access to the best lawn ingredients and renovation equipment that are mostly unavailable to the domestic market. We combine that with professional and qualified turf managers who take care of the science behind providing the best lawn health.

We start out by gathering site specific data on your soil health and current lawn status using patented POGO sensing technology. With data on soil moisture, compaction, electrical conductivity, organic matter content (thatch), salinity, and both surface and soil temperature, we tailor a nutrition and renovation plan to suit your lawn.


From here you can choose one of our value-for-money annual maintenance packages or one or more of our one-off services. Essentially, we take care of the science to give you the best lawn in your street, turning your neighbours Positively Green with envy.

Essentially, we take care of the science to give you the best lawn in your street

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