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5 Lawn Tips For Summer

The weather is hotting up, and now is the time your lawn needs you the most.

During the warmer months it is vitally important to care for your lawn, and in return it will love you back with beautiful greenery and a welcoming place to enjoy time with your family. A lawn around your house can also cut your air conditioning bills substantially, so looking after your lawn can help your hip pocket as well.


But what does looking after your lawn involve? Well, there are 5 things you can do to your lawn frequently to keep it in a healthy state.

The first is watering. The most important aspect of watering is replacing the moisture lost due to evaporation. You can get technical and get the evaporation rates from the Bureau of Meteorology website, and replace 60% of the evaporation that has occurred since your last watering day. But as a general rule of thumb, your lawn during the summer months will need approximately 20-30mm of water per week, spread out over your watering days. If you want to measure how much you are putting on your lawn you can buy “catch cups” from any good gardening store.

Secondly making sure you have applied a high-quality wetting agent that will break the hydrophobic soil tension of our harsh WA soils. When you irrigate your lawn, if the profile isn’t wet through, the water will not penetrate to the root zone where it is needed the most. Soil moisture uniformity is the back bone to a healthy lawn.

Next it is about making sure the plant itself is receiving enough macro and micro nutrients by way of supplying it with a balanced and controlled release fertiliser. Some of the specialty products used in the sports turf industry also contain a full range of microbiology that further assists to strengthen the plant’s cell wall.

To increase your lawn’s resistance to heat stress, there are a great range of products that contain bio stimulants, kelps, beneficial fungi and bacteria that can be applied in a foliar spray application. These aid with water retention, strengthening of the cell wall and creating a dense root mass, all of which provide a defence against heat stress.

Lastly, regular mowing with a sharp mower is important as any tearing of the leaf can stress the plant and cause burning of the leaf tip. If your lawn is not in best shape, raise your mowing height to allow greater energy production through photosynthesis. At a minimum at this time of year you will need to be mowing fortnightly, but preferably weekly.

Of course for the best lawn on your street, taken care of by professionals, head on over to our website at and check out our lawn care packages. These all-inclusive programs will ensure you have a beautiful green lawn all year round.


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